The dry skin on dogs problem in detail


Just like the skin of a human, a dog's skin needs to be kept in a healthy state. The skin of a dog is important to many of the dog's vital functions, and his/her happiness.

Dry skin on dogs is quite a common problem. The problem worsens during winter as prolonged exposure to heating in your house has a negative effect on the moisture levels of the dog's skin. Us humans have all kinds of cremes to ease the dryness of our skin. Fortunately more products are becoming available to treat dry skin on dogs. It's also important that if you bathe your dog not to rub the skin too hard, this will remove important oils that keep your dog's moisture levels stable. A shampoo with a moisturising effect can be helpful to ease some of the dryness.

Besides keeping the exterior of the dog healthy, there are a few ways to work from the inside in fighting dry skin on dogs. Dog food that contains natural supplements will help make your dog's coat look shiny again. Certain home remedies do have a noticeable effect on the skin of your dog, just make sure you watch what you feed man's best friend. Your dog could be allergic to certain ingredients.

The same warning applies to products you apply on the dog's body, such as a shampoo that is simply too harsh for the dog's skin. Some shampoos contain aggressive chemicals that remove moisture from the skin resulting in dry skin. If your dog is scratching himself/herself constantly then you may want to look at cremes that ease the itching. Obviously the scratching damages the skin and further increases the problem. Canine creme rinses might be worth considering as they help in minimising the itching.

Finally, your dog may be allergic to plants in your garden. Determining what plants your dog is having an adverse reaction to can be near impossible. Dogs need fresh air just like people, but if you notice increased dry skin then you should try keeping your dog inside a bit more and see if the outdoors is causing the dry skin problems your dog is experiencing.

A few quick steps :

1) Find the causes of your dog's skin problems.
2) Try a different diet and/or add natural supplements.
3) Make sure your dog is cleaned frequently but don't overdo the bathing routine.
4) For serious skin problems and inflammation contact your vet.

Dry Skin On Dogs